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Hi, My name is John Constantino and I am the owner/operator of Norvell Photography in Spring Hill, near the Sun Coast of Florida's Hernando County. 

I am also the photographer and photo editor. I do only photography and it is not a sideline. I am a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), sanctioned by the Professional Photographers of America and run a fully equipped studio on the premises. 

Professional Photographers of America is the leading body for certifying imaging professionals. CPPs must first pass a two-hour written examination that demonstrates mastery of the technical side of every aspect of photography. Step two involves submitting actual images to be critically judged for proper exposure, color balance, composition, and lighting technique. Only 3% of working  photographers become PPA certified.                                               I specialize in Portraiture, but I also do Real Estate and Food & Beverage

photography and create sports and hobby photo montages. I work in color, but I prefer black and white (monchrome). My style can sometimes be a bit unusual, but I feel that is what can make an image memorable.

I invite you to view the Galleries and the slideshow on the Homepage.