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Valet Sal Est Scriptor (Worth One's Salt)

Valet Sal Est Scriptor (Worth One's Salt)

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Valet Sal Est Scriptor (Worth One's Salt - Latin translation) In ancient Rome, soldiers were often paid in salt. Salt was vital to cure meats so the soldier could carry their food long distances. Good soldiers were 'Worth Their Salt'.

Available in:

  • 8 Sizes (From 8"x12" to 40"x60")
  • 3 Finishes (Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte)
  • 4 Mounts (None, Float Frame, Inset Frame, Metal Posts)

High resolution photo of coarse salt in a wooden storage container and wooden scoop. Perfect wall decoration for a restaurant, spice shop, diner, food coach, or home kitchen. Show-stopping aluminum wall art with vibrant colors. Beautiful and durable - for years of viewing enjoyment. Free standard shipping within the US. 

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