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Norvell Photography prides itself in operating under a business model that differs from other companies.

  • We spend a significant amount of time with our  clients before and after the actual photo session. We schedule an in-person consultation with you prior to the session. That way we get to know a little about you and that allows us to personalize the work and make some suggestions, such as wardrobe and makeup,  as well as plan to arrange things in the studio to enhance the session.

  • During the session, we don’t specify a fixed time limit. We create a lot of images  tailored as a result of  things we have learned during the in-person consultation.

  • After the session, we meticulously edit all of our own work to adjust and enhance each image and retouch for any unwanted blemishes. If we have any questions, we will call you. No guesswork or assumptions. We can also apply some custom edits to some selected images. We can make them appear as though they have been painted or sketched on canvas or other media.

  • Once the images are edited, we meet with you again to show you the finished images and help you decide on the best way you might use the artwork to decorate your home.

  • We use only top-rated, professional photo labs, using the highest quality media in the industry to produce the artwork using high-resolution files. We also frequently compare lab prices to ensure our customers are getting the best value.

  • Finally, we will deliver the finished artwork to you personally to make sure you are delighted with the results.

  • A note about our studio. It holds a changing area, a makeup table and mirror for freshening up, and a variety of props. Many of the lights, backdrops, and accessories are suspended from the walls or ceiling to minimize clutter on the floor. Your safety is of prime importance.